In addition to my work as a teacher and as an author/illustrator, I do presentations where I teach folks how to work as an author/illustrator.  I do work in schools, libraries, community centers, and pretty much anywhere else.  I’ve hosted several online workshops and can speak on a wide variety of topics.

If you are interested in booking me for a presentation or workshop, just send me an email.  I tend to build my presentations to fit the needs/wants of my hosts.  These days, I do a lot of comic workshops.

Current Presentations

Remote visits aren’t my favorite but they’ve been a great way to reach kids where they are and create a community of readers even when we’re all far apart.

I’ve been visiting libraries for years and love working with librarians!  They are wonderful resources for their communities and I’m very honored to have been included in so many of their programs over the years.

I’ve done residencies at almost every level – elementary, middle, high school, and at the university level.

  • Jason Deeble is a bonafide ROCK STAR!

    Henry Invisible
    Henry Invisible That Guy
  • Deeble never ceases to amaze us!

    Joe Schmo
    Joe Schmo The Smoozer
  • And here I thought that I was the man...

    Stan Lee
    Stan Lee Excellsior

I plan on adding some more pictures to this page but I don’t really take a lot of pictures.  I’m usually pretty busy running the workshops and drawings.

Gosh, I should really get some cool pictures to put here.

Current Presentations

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