My first picture book, Sir Ryan's Quest (Roaring Brook Press) was published in 2009. It was described by Booklist as, "an artful blend of the fantastical and familiar...a charming debut with an affectionate, reassuring ending."

Most of the projects listed below are picture books. Click on the links or on the images below to view a partial dummy book or sample chapter (pdf). For complete versions of the dummies or manuscripts featured on this page, please send me a note here.
Capture the Sky is a young adult novel that melds themes, symbols, and personalities from Jewish folklore into a supernatural and multicultural action/adventure story. The text invokes dark, mystical themes similar to those in the Harry Potter series and includes elements of the otherworldly romances found in the Twilight saga.
Starting with a simple question, Do You Like Stories, unfolds page by page into a fantastic journey filled with dragons, wizards, and looping logic.
Lurking behind your couch is a netherworld of dust bunnies and stolen, secret treasures. Behind the Couch takes place in the void where the vacuum can't reach and the broom won't sweep, where there are strange things are lurking.
Three friends are surprised to discover they have a bizzare and unexpected guest. But even bigger surprises await them when they learn about the little interloper. Easy to read and filled with fun, Snurp is a parable about acceptance and friendship.
What the Potato Didn't Know is a visually vibrant look at why everyone, even a measly potato, should feel good about being who they are. This book is filled with rich textures, punctuated by playful poems, and full of celebration.
When Belle is left to play by herself, she discovers a new friend with a taste for mud pies. Belle's Tea Party follows their romp in the forest and an unfortunate encounter with the king of all beasts.
In addition to my more traditional work as an author/illustrator, I developed and currently maintain a daliy webcomic called Monster Haiku available at Monster Haiku has around 600 weekly hits and has been growing steadily since it debuted in July 2011. Click the images below to see samples of the strip.
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